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The Search for the Essential Mummy

The original exhibition "WRAPPED! The Search for the Essential Mummy" has introduced thousands to the amazing world of Egyptian mummies. WRAPPED! explores the Western interest in Egyptian mummies as scientific objects, and as sources of artistic inspiration.
Our fascination with mummies is part of a pervasive and important transformation in Western culture, contributing to the great classical revival and urge to recover the treasures of antiquity. WRAPPED! also looks at the role played by computed tomography scanning (or CT) in current mummy studies.
It presents the work of 21st century forensic sculptors who have reconstructed the appearance of members of the ancient Egyptian population. The exhibit has been visited by over 18,000 people at its first venue in Massachusetts and over 35,000 persons at the Washington State History Museum in Tacoma, WA. The exhibition is currently installed as Wrapped: The Mummy of Pesed in The Manitoba Museum, in the city of Winninpeg, Manitoba Canada. It will remain in place until early April, 2014.

Details on Content

  • Exhibition Size: 4000-5000 Square Feet
  • Over 70 authentic antiquities from Egypt, including both human and animal mummies
  • Over 100 Historical artifacts, documents, early photographs, forensic models, and maps
  • Modular Gallery Wall System: 150 Linear Feet
  • Computer Interactives:
    • Fly-through CT scan investigations of mummies
    • Original videos on mummy discovery, conservation, and science
  • Hands-on educational experiences on Egyptian art and archaeology



To Request Information on WRAPPED!

Pesed, an Akhmimic woman of the Ptolemaic period is an important feature of the WRAPPED! exhibit.

A typical case filled with ancient artifacts, a forensic sculpture and 3-D model of a mummy (Pesed).

Wrapped! explores the latest mummy science. Here is a 3D print of a child mummy (Umi).

WRAPPED! challenges visitors to examine their own preconceptions concerning Egyptian mummies.

Public Interest: a gallery talk on mummies takes place within the WRAPPED! exhibit